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I am thirty years old, and since the age of eight I have been suffering from constant musculoskeletal pain and inflammation caused by; spinal joint instability, nerve root irritation, stiff ligaments, congenitally weak tendons and muscles which go into spasm.

As a result of my condition, tendonitis spread throughout my body, and is especially disabling in my neck, elbows, ankles and feet. The tendonitis has become chronic and has refused to heal, making it painful and tiring for me to walk, to stand, or to do any form of sustained activity with my arms for more than a few minutes at a time.

Over the years I have tried many types of therapies including; chiropractic, physiotherapy, osteopathy, myotherapy and remedial massage. Each of these therapies has helped to alleviate my condition, but SCENAR is the only therapy I have personally experienced that alleviates pain by activating and maintaining the bodies innate healing capabilities on both a physical and emotional level.

SCENAR Therapy is powerfully unique in this way, as it jumpstarts the body into a repair mode cycle, allowing the body to recover more quickly and completely from both chronic and acute injury and illness than it otherwise would be capable of.

During my ten SCENAR therapy sessions with Sally, I have noticed a significant increase in my overall energy levels and mood. The muscle spasms in my neck and back are less intense, and the pain and inflammation from my tendonitis has slowly started to reduce, allowing me to move with less pain and to regain a little more function.

My digestion, wound healing and immune response to infections have improved, and I have been experiencing a deeper more restorative sleep.

SCENAR therapy has also helped me to process and release deeply repressed emotional pain and tension that had manifested in my muscles during my childhood. Following SCENAR therapy I have often experienced both a physical and emotional healing crisis, in which my symptoms flare up before they get better.

However, I have found that by sleeping in the ENERGY HEALING BLANKET after each session, I have been able to effectively re-balance and re-energise my body to cope with my response to SCENAR treatment.

I am truly grateful to have found Sally and SCENAR Therapy, because both have given me new hope for the future, by giving my body the opportunity to start healing again something which it had forgotten how to do!

Perin Smith

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