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I have suffered neuralgia in my right jaw off and on for many years and over the last two years it got progressively worse making it necessary to take many different medications to relieve the symptoms. Unfortunately the medication did not suit me and did very little to relieve the pain. It got so bad that I didn't think I could live with it. A friend recommended that I try Scenar; while I had some reservations how could this little machine make a difference?

I was at the point that I would try anything. After my 4th visit, I doubted that it would help but after a week I felt that the pain had lessened and after a few more days it disappeared. I could not believe it, I kept waiting for it to come back, but it didn't. I know the problem still exists as every now and again I get a little ping in the jaw but that is all.

How wonderful it feels not to have the pain. Everyone says how much more relaxed I look. I subsequently brought the machine and use it regularly. I sometimes find it hard to believe the relief is there - it is wonderful.

Just wanted to let you know that on Tuesday night the pain seem to be even more uncomfortable, but Wednesday everything moved along nicely and by Wednesday evening I was pain free so thank you for a wonderful treatment.

You just have to fix my dizzy head and I will be well and truly back

Larraine Bence

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