When you own device it can be used at home, during business trips, when travelling by plane, train, boat, etc. to relieve any pain and to reduce traumatic pain.

Athletes and Iron man triathletes find great benefit in using their device after training to speed the body’s recovery from a long session to alleviate any niggling pain, aches, stiffness or injury. Greatly reduces the chance of developing an injury if the area of pain is treated immediately. If pain persists please seek medical attention.

Beneficial for the home user to continue treatments between practitioner visits for patients in a chronic state of health or for those who travel frequently with work and find it hard to schedule regular appointments.

The personal device is designed to be operated by non-medical home users as well as by therapists, doctors and medical staff. The particular difference between the professional device and the home device is that the home device has fewer and more easily chosen automatic modes and output signal variants.

The Body Specialist will be offering small training seminars specifically for the home user.