The Natural Healing Process

  • The human body has a way of healing that is built in and natural. All forms of holistic health care follow innate principles. The goal of the natural healing process is to assist the body in healing itself.
  • The most important principle of natural healing is self-regulation which means that the body is always actively organizing its functions so as to maintain a dynamic balance. If the body encounters a challenge that it is unable to completely resolve, it will temporarily reorganize itself in some new way that will permit the body to keep functioning, even though it still has an unsolved problem.
  • This kind of reorganization is called an adaptive reaction.
  • An adaptive reaction is an interrupted cycle of self-regulation and is acceptable to the body in the short term because it allows one to keep functioning until the problem gets solved. Problems may remain unresolved however because the body has either lost sight of them, (information) or been unable to address them (energy-priority-resources).
  • If a problem is not resolved, the incomplete adaptive reaction will interfere with healthy self-regulation and can end up evolving into other new challenges to well being. One must search out these unresolved problems and assist the body in completing its goal of healthy self-regulation and re-integration. This is natural healing.
  • If the cycle of adaptation is not completed, the body may try again and again to complete it. The body has an inherent drive to complete the cycle as a key component to its self-regulation and reintegration.
  • Evidence of the attempts to complete the cycle often manifest as symptoms, and Ironically, therapies that suppress symptoms and forcefully act upon the body’s functions can interrupt or block the completion of the adaptive reaction.

Symptoms and Function

  • Symptoms serve as guides in natural healing and you should be cautious if symptoms are suppressed.
  • Of course, no one enjoys these uncomfortable and distressful experiences and if certain symptoms become excessive they should be temporarily controlled.
  • However the goal of natural healing is not to stop symptoms, the goal is to assist self-regulation and reintegration so as to restore proper long-term function.
  • When function is restored, the symptoms resolve by themselves.
  • In natural healing, the focus is not on stopping the symptoms but rather on restoring the functions.
  • SCENAR uses symptoms as guides in the application of therapeutic processes that help the body complete the adaptive reactions, relieve pain and restore healthy functions.
  • To engage in natural healing, you may need to reconsider your understanding of how the body functions, and decide on a course of action that follows nature.
  • It is possible that new views and attitudes may be required.

Our Support System at The Body Specialist

  • The profound difference we are able to make in people’s lives doesn’t stop with practitioner visits at the clinic.
  • The Body Specialist ¬†is dedicated to patient care and outcomes.
  • Neurostimulation therapy¬†was designed to aid the patient in eliminating pain, restoring function, and improving the rehabilitative process.
  • Our system combines the technology and effectiveness of SCENAR and Key therapy to ensure the best possible results and satisfaction for the patient.