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During the past 20 years, I h've tried most remedial therapies available for my aches and pains which have all brought relief but usually only for a short time. For 11 years I worked in a power station wearing the mandatory steel cap safety boots. My work has always required using a computer on a daily basis, sometimes up to 12 hours per day. The usual hand, neck and shoulder pain resulted from the use of computers.

As well, I suffer from a genetic form of osteoarthritis in my hands & feet. To manage the day to day work requirements, I h've swallowed a great deal of medication over these years, worn out various heat packs and tubes of anti-inflammatory creams.

As part of a plan to (semi) retire, 3 years ago we moved to S.E. Queensland and are blessed by living 200 meters from Bramble Bay at Clontarf and by having great walking paths to help with our exercise. I noticed that age was causing the worsening of pain and stiffness in my feet and it was proving a problem for walking until it was suggested that I contact Sally Dymond of The Body Specialist at Scarborough.

I set myself a target of walking with my grandsons across the new Ted Smout Bridge on opening day in July. After receiving 5 or 6 Scenar full body treatments, I bought a home Scenar device that I now use almost every day on most of my body. I have been able to resume my walks and we walked the Bridge as planned. I am now able to walk 4 to 6 kilometers without too much discomfort and know that I have my device waiting for me at home to provide any relief that I may need.

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