Do I Need A Referral?

A referral from a doctor is not required. Therapists are happy to communicate and work with your doctor if required.

Are Medicare and Private Health Rebates Available?

For some treatments offered at The Body Specialist private health fund rebates available. The rebate amount varies between funds.

What Are The Fees?

The cost of a standard consultation (approx 50-60 minutes) varies according to the services offered. Initial consultation last 60 mins. Fees are payable at the end of each session. Payments may be made by cash, cheque or eftpos.

What do I bring to the first session?

Please enter with an open mind and a positive spirit, nothing else is required. The therapists will assess your condition in the present here and now and address the body, mind and spirit. The human body is a working machine and will therefore be treated as a complete unit not, as separate parts.

What if I have to cancel?

If for some reason you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, a minimum of one working day’s notice is required. Otherwise, you may be charged a cancellation fee.

What does Neurostimulation Key / SCENAR therapy treat ?

This type of therapy does not treat a particular disease or condition, it stimulates the body’s own healing resources. Neurostimulation treats the whole body.

This therapy restores function and activates the bodies internal healing abilities. When you present for a treatment we take into account all symptoms so a detailed case history is taken so we can establish what systems are being affectied and where the imbalances are.

Condtions that respond well include :

Pain, acute and chronic. If you are in pain anywhere a neurostimulation device such as a PhysioKey, SanaKey, or SCENAR can help to alleviate that pain by reducing swelling, inflammation and speeding the recovery process.

SCENAR therapy can be used as a complementary or mono therapy to treat pain associated:

  •  Surgery
  •  Trauma
  •  Musculoskeletal problems
  •  Bursitis
  • Dental problems

Key therapy can be used as a complementary or mono therapy.

The PhysioKey (ARTG 230724) intended use is for :

  •  Acute and Chronic pain.
  • Increased blood circulation.
  • Passive muscle stimulation.
  • Improvement and recovery of function.

What happens during the treatment ?

Neurostimulation is different to any other form of alternative treatment. The devices are used in different patterns all over the body. Treatment is focused at the point of pain and also in general zones to activate the central nervous system.

Each treatment is different, the body can therefore not adapt to the treatment and is constantly made to change. Unlike most other conventional therapies like physio or chiro, neurostimulation enables the body to heal itself very quickly. Results can be achieved quite rapidly.

How many treatments will I require?

Depending on the condition, how long the condition is present, if it is acute or chronic and what other health issues are happening depends on the course of treatment. General recommendation is a course of treatments up to 12 folllowed by a short break to allow the body time to heal.

Acute conditions clear very quickly and may only require 1-3 treatments. Each case is treated individually and no 2 cases are the same.