I have been getting remedial and sports massage for 9 years now and Sally is right up there with the best of them. She mixes modern technology with ancient proven methods to ensure I get the best possible treatment available, and the best thing is that Sally wont stop until the job is done. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Sally to anyone looking for massage therapy.

Damien Misso

At last... Sally is back. I have been waiting years for her to return to Australia, or I should say my body has. I booked in for a massage as soon as I heard she was back in business. After one massage, it made me realise just what I had been missing. I had actually forgotten just how good she was. Sally is the only masseuse / acupuncturist I have been to, that always achieved such positive results. I'm now a regular client, again. Sally has always been very professional and makes you feel at ease with her very friendly personality. I know after a treatment with Sally, I will have results.

Robyn Corr

I am absolutely blown away, my back has not felt like this for at least 4 years.I would say my arm is 95% better...which is astounding after one treatment. Thank you very very much...finally a hit on google that bought a true result.

Dean Murrell

I have suffered neuralgia in my right jaw off and on for many years and over the last two years it got progressively worse making it necessary to take many different medications to relieve the symptoms. Unfortunately the medication did not suit me and did very little to relieve the pain. It got so bad that I didn't think I could live with it. A friend recommended that I try Scenar; while I had some reservations how could this little machine make a difference?
I was at the point that I would try anything. After my 4th visit, I doubted that it would help but after a week I felt that the pain had lessened and after a few more days it disappeared. I could not believe it, I kept waiting for it to come back, but it didn't. I know the problem still exists as every now and again I get a little ping in the jaw but that is all.
How wonderful it feels not to have the pain. Everyone says how much more relaxed I look. I subsequently brought the machine and use it regularly. I sometimes find it hard to believe the relief is there - it is wonderful.
Just wanted to let you know that on Tuesday night the pain seem to be even more uncomfortable, but Wednesday everything moved along nicely and by Wednesday evening I was pain free so thank you for a wonderful treatment.
You just have to fix my dizzy head and I will be well and truly back.

Larraine Bence

Great help and service. Sally is highly recommended.


Hello, my name is Hanny. I have had three weekly treatments to date with Sally Dymond using the "Scenar" and am amazed at the difference it has made to reduce the pain I had in my left leg muscle that I am now well on my way to walking, lifting and using my leg in a normal manner that I have not been able to do for some years. Thank you.

Hanny Elder

I wanted to let you know how the Healing Blanket is going. As you know I'm a shift worker and I have used the blanket after a busy night shift. I have never been a great day time sleeper, but I wrap myself up for about an hour during the day and it really recharges my batteries. I find it very calming and relaxing. Also the other day, our 6 year old daughter was very tied after a late night the night before and needed to catch up on some sleep.
So after lunch we both had a lie down, she was very restless and wouldn't drop off to sleep,then I thought to give the blanket a try. Almost straight away she started to relax and was asleep within a few minutes. (and slept for about an hour and a half) How good is that?!

Daniel Phillips

During the past 20 years, I've tried most remedial therapies available for my aches and pains which have all brought relief but usually only for a short time. For 11 years I worked in a power station wearing the mandatory steel cap safety boots. My work has always required using a computer on a daily basis, sometimes up to 12 hours per day. The usual hand, neck and shoulder pain resulted from the use of computers.
As well, I suffer from a genetic form of osteoarthritis in my hands & feet. To manage the day to day work requirements, I've swallowed a great deal of medication over these years, worn out various heat packs and tubes of anti-inflammatory creams.
As part of a plan to (semi) retire, 3 years ago we moved to S.E. Queensland and are blessed by living 200 meters from Bramble Bay at Clontarf and by having great walking paths to help with our exercise. I noticed that age was causing the worsening of pain and stiffness in my feet and it was proving a problem for walking until it was suggested that I contact Sally Dymond of The Body Specialist at Scarborough.
I set myself a target of walking with my grandsons across the new Ted Smout Bridge on opening day in July. After receiving 5 or 6 Scenar full body treatments, I bought a home Scenar device that I now use almost every day on most of my body. I have been able to resume my walks and we walked the Bridge as planned. I am now able to walk 4 to 6 kilometers without too much discomfort and know that I have my device waiting for me at home to provide any relief that I may need.

Enid Bock

Sally was able to treat my knee in 2 sessions and I was back running the next day. My orthopedics surgeon told me it would be weeks!
Sally you are the best! I have been singing your praises since seeing you and given your phone number to countless friends!
Thank you, thank you, and thank you! You'll be my first port of call for any injury or niggly pain!

Brooke Gordan

My family discovered SCENAR through some mutual friends - as we investigated treatments for our daughters spinal misalignment. Understanding her needs were skeletal, postural and muscular, we knew we had to find convenient and effective means of treating her condition that were sustainable, as scoliosis in a juvenile is a long term treatment, and that addressed these three areas. SCENAR has done this.
It's helped enormously with her muscular balance which has, in turn, improved her spine and her general well being. In the two years of using the device, with monthly treatments from Sally, and along with her back brace, her curve has reduced from 40 degrees to 14 degrees. And, given its something we can 'do at home' (having purchased two devices and had some training), its impact on her daily life has been minimal. This is key to the treatment as it ensures her compliance. We also use the SCENAR for other treatments and found it hugely beneficial as well.

Nicole McPherson