How would your life be different if pain didn’t hold you back?

If your life feels like a waiting game, how would you like to say goodbye to the endless weeks of expensive treatments and hello to a pain-free life for good?  What if erasing your pain was not only fast and non-invasive but it activated your own body’s innate ability to heal itself?

Introducing, the Body Specialist

We’re here to help you get out of pain and get your life back

Even though our clients believe we offer a magic cure, there’s nothing magical or mysterious about how we help.  Science tells us we heal faster when we activate our own bodies ability to heal itself.  At The Body Specialist we speed up your natural healing process using SCENAR:  where modern electronic technology meets ancient healing practices.

Leading the team at the Body Specialist, Sally Dymond has over 26 years experience as a therapist; treating countless clients in clinics and spas in Australia, Canada, the USA, and even around the world on a cruise ship.  Along the way she has treated tennis pros with the WTA Tour, NFL and NBA players, media superstars, and Australian athletes of every type.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or simply want to get off the sidelines and into your sporting life, we take you from pain to pain-free simply and quickly so that you can get on with it;  or you can get back to doing what you love most.

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